Mission Statement

By sharing your spare change, you can make the world change.
— The GivnGo Team

GivnGo’s motive is to make the world a better place by making charitable donations a part of your everyday life. Our ideology is simple: “By sharing your spare change, you can make the world change.” GivnGo makes it easy and fun to donate to any charitable cause a user desires to help out. Our company hopes to increase the total number of people who give back, as well as to increase the total dollar amount contributed to charities, schools, and religious institutions every year.

GivnGo strives to make the thoughtful process of giving to charity an effortless process. We want users to know they are doing good for the world each and every day with each and every purchase.

Our simple to use app only requires users to sign up once, rather than constant solicitation and reminders to donate. Once you sign up, you essentially Give and Go! And you know everyday that you are having a positive impact on the world. We call the change you give "Karma Coins"  and we hope they work in just that way. For those helping others, you will get the great feeling of satisfaction that comes with giving, and we believe that sort of positivity always comes back around! So here is to good karma and making the world a better place. Happy giving!